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There are 2 types of service:

Software | Issues with Windows 10, installed Apps, General Oddness? (click to view section)

Hardware | PC or Laptop not turning on, Slow or Generally Poorly? (click to view section)

Software Support and Repair

Over time your PC can get clogged down with unnecessary software, adware and often virus. This can have a significant effect on the performance of your PC. There are other factors such as hardware and operating system configuration and this is where I can help.

I will give your PC a comprehensive service and a thorough cleanup. I initially check all the major components in your PC to make sure they are not failing. I then get to work using my experience and know how to give your PC a customised service.

Not just a software cleanup!

Just as important as cleaning up the software on your PC is cleaning the inside. It is almost inevitable that the inside of your machine will develop a build up of dust, The fans on your PC attract dust and when this builds up it can lead to overheating and can cause internal components to fail.

I will clean out the inside of your PC, paying particular attention to all fans and heat sync components as these are critical in keeping your PC running cool.


I am often asked questions about my Computer Service so below you will find some useful frequently asked questions:

Q: What about my Personal Data?

A: I appreciate you may be concerned about your personal data being affected by a PC cleanup. You can rest assured that I take the utmost care to ensure your personal files are not compromised in any way. I have a tried and tested process for cleaning up slow running computers and your personal data is not touched at all during the process. The only time I will need to consider your personal data is when your hard drive is full or near it’s capacity. Only then will I offer advice on backup and archive solutions.

Q: Do I need to book in for a service?

A: No. You can simply pop into 1-3 Bridge Street, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 9AG and I will book your PC in straight away.

Q: How long will it take?

A: Most PC Services take 1 to 2 days. During busy times this may increase to 3 days, I can sometimes complete a computer Service the same day.

Q: Will I loose any installed programs?

A: I will not remove any genuine programs from your computer. I am knowledgeable in which programs should and should not be on your PC. If I find any genuine programs that may be causing a conflict or a problem on your PC, such as duplicate anti-virus programs I am usually able to tell what can be removed. If however there is any doubt I will always contact your first.

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Hardware Support and Repair

I undertake all repair work to either PCs or Laptops covering North Norfolk. The most common of these repairs are listed below.

PCs, Laptops & Servers

Operating a full prep and repair workshop from our offices just off Bridge Street in Fakenham, Norfolk, we are perfectly positioned to help out when the unthinkable happens and something breaks. Whether you’ve dropped your laptop or a motherboard has failed in you PC, we can provide affordable repairs with solid advice on overall price and whether the repair is cost effective. So if you would rather deal with a Local, Friendly IT guy, get in touch!

Memory Upgrades

Many people purchase PCs, laptops or servers and over time, they either fulfil more and more roles, or just get slowly outdated. One of the most straightforward ways to prolong the life of IT hardware is to upgrade memory and I can carry this out on a range of devices, taking into account your usage requirements and providing you with the best memory configuration for your device and workload, so if you’re building a workstation and need speedy kit of brand new DDR4 memory or you’ve got an old machine laying around in desperate need of 2GB of DDR2, we can cater for you and everything in-between.

SSD Installation

Solid State Drives, commonly referred to as SSDs are a new form of storage medium designed to replace traditional hard drives in certain applications. SSDs are built up of lots of flash memory chips similar to those found in USB flash drives and as a result, they are fast. Very fast in-fact, in most cases, up to 10 or 20 times the read and write speeds of a traditional spinning disk. As a result, they are an excellent upgrade for PCs, laptops or servers be they new or old. Many people use very little of their installed storage and many would generally benefit from the additional speed offered by an SSD, so, if you want your PC to boot up in a matter of seconds instead of minutes, speak with me to arrange an upgrade.

A few other services that i provide below!

Personal Computers:


General Upgrades

Power Supply Issues

Damage due to surges

Complete rebuilds

Format & Reload System rebuilds

CD DVD Drive replacements


Over heating Issues

System hang-ups freezes

Random computer restarts

Hardware Firmware – Glitches

Performance Reviews


Not switching on

Power Supply Issues

Damage due to surges

Virus Spyware Malware Removal

Power connector replacements

Screen Replacements

System hang-ups freezes

Random computer restarts

Various software glitches

Over heating Issues

CD DVD Drive replacements

Keyboard Replacements

Format & Reload System rebuilds


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