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IT Solutions are a range of services which can be bundled together as a package for advanced protection and flexibility. This is done to resolve IT problems you could face in the day to day running of your business faster and more effectively. As opposed to just a single product—an anti-virus for example—an IT solution would provide you with added benefits, creating a full spectrum of IT services and products ultimately resulting in a more well-rounded approach to your IT needs.

Anti-virus for example. As a stand-alone product, it works pretty well, and although there’s nothing wrong with anti-virus software, the overall effectiveness of your protection increases dramatically when you pair it with the latest spam filters, system scanning and even a cloud-based backup service. With the complete IT solutions package, your business can benefit from a more secure network should anything go awry.

Desktop and Laptop Support Services

Your company’s desktop computers and laptops are what keeps the business running on a day to day basis. What would you do if one or more of them suddenly crashed? I offer a range of support services specifically tailored to such hardware in your office. Including, management of the software and hardware, antivirus and spam protection, regular backup services and routine maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Unexpected downtime from your IT systems is the last thing that your business needs. It can end up costing you thousands in not only lost clientele but wasted labor too, which is why preventive maintenance is an essential part of a well-rounded IT solution for your company.

Network Administration and Security

Network administration is an essential part to a well-rounded IT solution. Even if you have the best hardware and software money can buy, if it’s installed incorrectly, or not configured right, then you could end up with server downtime and be highly susceptible to potential security threats. simnor.co.uk can get everything installed for you the correct way, first time and then even provide a 24/7 monitoring service afterwards.

Wireless Connectivity

Having powerful and stable wireless connection is of paramount importance when running a business. Things we take for granted these days such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are an integral part of your day to day operations and you need to ensure they are performing well.

Thanks to the IOT, as consumers our offline hours are now extremely minimal, which means yours should be too, so that you’re able to constantly connect with consumers. At simnor.co.uk I offer a variety of wireless systems to suit all kinds of businesses; large and small.

Onsite Customer Monitoring and Support

We can also assist with onsite monitoring and support of your IT systems, should you prefer this to remote monitoring. This is an ideal service for businesses that have recently experienced rapid growth and need to scale their IT team in order to support their business better. This can be done as a short-term contract until positions are internally filled, or it can be a long-term solution if you prefer.

Operating System Support and Maintenance

Your business’ operating system can have a huge effect on productivity in the workplace and we can help you ensure that everything is up to date. We have expert technicians who are familiar with a variety of operating systems, including several versions of Windows and macOS, and can troubleshoot issues/bugs, update your drivers, and ensure that your system is fully maintained and updated with the latest versions to ensure there’s no technical hiccups.

Cloud and Office 365 Integration

Office 365 allows for companies to have all the benefits of your integral Microsoft Office programs such as word and excel, but through the cloud, meaning that your staff members can access their work anywhere with an internet connection. With remote working becoming increasingly popular for staff in countries all around the world, this service allows you to serve them the best way possible. We will ensure that the migration over to Office 365 is smooth and painless, and we can even offer ongoing support in your IT solutions package.

Custom Hard Drive Imaging

Hard drive imaging allows you to back up your entire hard drive, or just parts of it should you experience a massive data loss. Why can’t I just do this myself manually, you ask? The reason behind having to use imaging, rather than a simple copy and paste, is that with copy and paste your programs’ hidden files will not be copied like they are with imaging. Imaging provides you with an exact clone of your hard drives data meaning absolutely nothing will be lost.

Software & Computer Hardware Upgrades

Purchasing new IT gear can be a difficult and daunting task, especially if it’s not something you’re familiar with. I can however, once consultation has taken place, provide a tailored specification with a pricing plan and will ensure your business continues to operate successful.

We have strong relationships with our vendors, meaning we are able to pass along great rates and have access to the latest technology in the industry—anything from laptops, servers, and desktop computers, to smaller items like new hard drives, replacement RAM, graphics cards, and the latest in cloud computing technology.

Software and Hardware Troubleshooting

Many IT issues that businesses encounter often have a fairly straightforward and simple solution—to an IT professional that is. Without having the expertise of an IT professional either on site or remotely, simple issues can snowball into more complex and serious ones, which is why simnor.co.uk offers a comprehensive hardware and software troubleshooting service in our IT solutions program to get your systems back online in no time at all.

Data Cabling

Data cabling is the running of data cables to and from different parts of the office to your main hubs, routers and servers, ensuring that your network is fully connected. Think of the wires running from laptops, phones and computers. There is an art when it comes to data cabling and as no one likes the unsightly look of wires strewn all over the office.

Simnor.co.uk can install your cables with minimum disruption to the office and conceal them effectively behind baseboards, under the floor, or wherever you prefer, so that no one notices or trips over them when walking around. We use the highest quality cables to ensure that the speed of your internet connection is not compromised.

IT Consulting

I can help you improve your software architecture, and come up with a whole new strategy with IT being at the forefront of it all. I can even assist you with introducing new technologies into your business, so you can harness the power of the latest and greatest technical developments.

Wireless Support

Network support has become more necessary as the use of laptops and mobile devices have grown. As laptops and mobile devices have gained popularity, there has been a growing need for wireless internet. Unfortunately, due to the limited ‘wifi’ frequency range, we often find in densely populated areas wireless routers ‘fighting’ each other. This wireless wifi issue is similar to the way two FM radio stations broadcasting on close frequencies will cause interference with each other. Additionally, other possible network problems include authentication issues, wireless card problems, and DHCP faults. The network issues described above can cause internet connectivity issues, and that is where your local, friendly IT guy comes in! I provide network support for your home or office network. Whether you are trying to connect one or multiple devices to your wireless network I can assist in correcting any network issues making accessing your network smooth and effortless.

Wired Network Support

From design of layout through to completion of install I can help every step of the way. Typically wired networks are much more straightforward and have fewer connectivity issues than wireless networks. But on occasion, wired networks can still have network connection problems requiring support and resolution.

Other Network Support Services

Having a properly functioning network is a must for most home or business offices. My network support can include initial setup and installation of both wireless and wired networks, including ADSL or cable. Ensuring the proper configuration and installation of your network can eliminate many future connectivity issues.

If you wireless or wired network has already been installed but is currently having issues, I will identify any problems with your networks current setup. Upon determining your network issues, I will suggest and can implement fixes for any identified problems.

I take great pride in my customer service. All network support or other computer repair services handled by simnor.co.uk will be completed in a professional manner.

Networking Solutions for Small Business: The Benefits

Networking solutions for small business, especially those supporting voice, data, and wireless on one network, offer additional advantages including:

  • Comprehensive security from hackers, viruses, and other threats
  • The ability to easily and cost-effectively add, move, or change users on the network
  • The flexibility to add new capabilities as needed without expensive upgrades

Networking Solutions for Small Business: The Elements

  • Switches connect multiple devices, such as computers and printers, on the same network. The switch serves as a controller, allowing the devices to share information and talk to each other. Switches save you money, increase productivity, and make it easy to add applications to a network without major upgrades.
  • Routers tie multiple networks together, such as your computer network to the Internet. Networking solutions for small business feature secure, expandable routers that are easy to use and manage. Routers keep your small business computer network secure with technologies like firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs).

My services cover your entire network investment with service and support offerings especially for your networking solution for the small business.

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